Here are a few of my favorite blogs, sites and various resources that I love to peruse for new and exciting adventures:

Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps is a travel blog that reads more like a disaster diary. Lauren Juliff travels the world and gives her readers awesome tips on how to travel affordably and safely.

U.S. State Department Travel Advisories

It has become increasingly important to ensure that it is safe to travel. This is a great resource for when you are traveling to a new place and do not necessarily know whether it is 100% safe to travel there.

Nomadic Matt’s Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cheap

Nomadic Matt is a very well-known travel blogger. He created this amazing cheap travel guide that provides lots of tips, tricks and links. I highly recommend it!


Chances are you haven’t heard of this site and that’s a real shame! This is a heavily lauded metasearch engine for all your travel needs. Forget about those other sites.