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6 Recommended Bang-For-Your-Buck Destinations

I’ve been traveling since before I took my first steps. My family is what you would call “glampers;” we love to camp in massive RVs and fifth wheels. Not exactly roughing it in a tent, but still camping nonetheless. I’ve been everywhere from Freeport, Maine, to Charleston, South Carolina, and all the way to Key West, Florida. However, I never truly understood the financial side of traveling. Those were more like free trips to Disney compared to the struggle of budgeting and planning while in college. Yet, I’ve managed to travel to so many different places in this great big world of ours. Here are 6 recommended bang-for-your-buck destinations you too can explore.

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The Secret of Saving for Your Dream Trip

Ten glorious days were spent sweating on the umpteenth hike that my boyfriend convinced me into, climbing up the ancient steps of Quebec City, exploring the depths of Montreal, and yet, the worry of money was nowhere to be found. Important keyword: yet. Two full paychecks later, I was back home and staring reality directly into its beady little eyes. After restricting myself to a ramen budget for the next few months, I had most definitely learned my lesson and whisked up a secret to budgeting. Here is the secret you too can utilize while budgeting for your dream trip.

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