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The Dreaded Under 25 Fee (& How to Avoid It)

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So, you’ve planned out a fantastic little road trip from here to there, you know where you’re stopping along the way and where you are flying in and out of. But there’s one vital component you may have overlooked: your age. Renting a car can be a slippery slope if you’re under the age of 25. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tricks to help you out!

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Poconos During a Pandemic

Safe travels during a pandemic: a series. I’ve made the decision to continue close-to-home short trips via car, following all protocols. The stir crazy feeling begins to eat away at you the longer you sit inside, the longer you reminisce on the times you were out and about. However, the only way to scratch that itch is to follow all guidelines and safely travel. Here’s our journey to and from the gorgeous Poconos in the midst of an international pandemic.

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Shenandoah During a Pandemic

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Edit: I do not recommend overpopulating national parks. Stay home if you can and follow social distancing guidelines.

Highway signs flash, “Limit travel, stay home.” It’s a difficult time for everyone, especially when being told to stay indoors. While it is best to avoid large gatherings, exercise is still encouraged, especially when grabbing some fresh air outdoors. The day before I arrived, Shenandoah had shut down popular areas due to heavy crowds. So, we headed down the less popular trails and enjoyed the quiet of the forest.

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6 Recommended Bang-For-Your-Buck Destinations

I’ve been traveling since before I took my first steps. My family is what you would call “glampers;” we love to camp in massive RVs and fifth wheels. Not exactly roughing it in a tent, but still camping nonetheless. I’ve been everywhere from Freeport, Maine, to Charleston, South Carolina, and all the way to Key West, Florida. However, I never truly understood the financial side of traveling. Those were more like free trips to Disney compared to the struggle of budgeting and planning while in college. Yet, I’ve managed to travel to so many different places in this great big world of ours. Here are 6 recommended bang-for-your-buck destinations you too can explore.

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