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Planning to Go Home During a Pandemic

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Homesickness has been brought to a whole new level these past few months. We’re undergoing massive societal changes, so your trip home may not be as simple as before. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind before you venture out.

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Shenandoah During a Pandemic

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Edit: I do not recommend overpopulating national parks. Stay home if you can and follow social distancing guidelines.

Highway signs flash, “Limit travel, stay home.” It’s a difficult time for everyone, especially when being told to stay indoors. While it is best to avoid large gatherings, exercise is still encouraged, especially when grabbing some fresh air outdoors. The day before I arrived, Shenandoah had shut down popular areas due to heavy crowds. So, we headed down the less popular trails and enjoyed the quiet of the forest.

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The Lazy Student’s Way to Road Trip

There was a time where I planned every single moment of a road trip. I had this existential fear that something would go horribly, horribly wrong, so I planned for every moment to go exactly as I had penned it. As it turns out, Connecticut traffic will leave you wishing you were dead and an Airbnb host’s “homemade” soap will lead to a Walmart excursion at 3 a.m. for body wash that didn’t leave you feeling (or smelling) like a slimy fish. There’s also the classic mistakes that I too have made along the way of planning extremely last second. However, there truly is a happy medium that I have discovered, and one that does not require too much effort. I will walk you through my planning experiences and how you can happily avoid everything I did wrong!

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5 Reasons Europe Is Not a Winter Destination

I had been dreaming of a whirlwind trip to Europe since I first read of Amy prancing across the European continent in Little Women. It started out as a solo trip, which my dad quickly shot down, before turning into a romantic getaway with my partner. Scheduling conflicts, exam dates constantly changing and begging our bosses to give us time off led to a winter time frame. Snow in Paris? How romantic! Turns out, it’s not; it’s really, really not. Here are five reasons Europe is most definitely not a winter destination:

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