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May Planning: a Florida Summer Wedding

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Pop open the champagne! My uncle’s getting married! While these are daunting and uncertain times, celebrating happy life moments is what matters most. His wedding is inked for August, so it’s time to plan, even if plans have to get pushed. Here’s how I’m planning away for an uncertain wedding date.

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April Planning: a California Road Trip

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Welcome back to another episode of COVID Boredom. We here in my Philadelphia rowhouse are taking the necessary precautions during this frightening time, but we’re also planning away for when all of this hopefully ends. In between the games of Fortnite and the daily Skype meetings, I’ve been utilizing a cool new tool to plan out my hopeful summer road trip. Where are we going?

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6 Recommended Bang-For-Your-Buck Destinations

I’ve been traveling since before I took my first steps. My family is what you would call “glampers;” we love to camp in massive RVs and fifth wheels. Not exactly roughing it in a tent, but still camping nonetheless. I’ve been everywhere from Freeport, Maine, to Charleston, South Carolina, and all the way to Key West, Florida. However, I never truly understood the financial side of traveling. Those were more like free trips to Disney compared to the struggle of budgeting and planning while in college. Yet, I’ve managed to travel to so many different places in this great big world of ours. Here are 6 recommended bang-for-your-buck destinations you too can explore.

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The Lazy Student’s Way to Road Trip

There was a time where I planned every single moment of a road trip. I had this existential fear that something would go horribly, horribly wrong, so I planned for every moment to go exactly as I had penned it. As it turns out, Connecticut traffic will leave you wishing you were dead and an Airbnb host’s “homemade” soap will lead to a Walmart excursion at 3 a.m. for body wash that didn’t leave you feeling (or smelling) like a slimy fish. There’s also the classic mistakes that I too have made along the way of planning extremely last second. However, there truly is a happy medium that I have discovered, and one that does not require too much effort. I will walk you through my planning experiences and how you can happily avoid everything I did wrong!

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