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On Travel…

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Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight from beautiful San Diego, California! I will be on travel until early July and will report on my trip once I’m back home in the City of Brotherly Love! Au revoir!

Did you travel recently? Share your story!

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Planning to Go Home During a Pandemic

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Homesickness has been brought to a whole new level these past few months. We’re undergoing massive societal changes, so your trip home may not be as simple as before. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind before you venture out.

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5 Ways to Support BLM on the Road

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Change is in the air. We’re dawning upon a new season, a new decade, a new time in America. More than ever, our voices matter and it’s important that we keep the conversation going, even when we are on the road. Here are five ways to support Black Lives Matter when traveling.

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The Dreaded Under 25 Fee (& How to Avoid It)

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So, you’ve planned out a fantastic little road trip from here to there, you know where you’re stopping along the way and where you are flying in and out of. But there’s one vital component you may have overlooked: your age. Renting a car can be a slippery slope if you’re under the age of 25. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tricks to help you out!

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Balancing Career and Travel: College Edition

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I’d be lying if I said I had the beautiful balance downpat. I’m pushing 22, diving headfirst into the final year of my undergrad, and celebrating a year with the company of my dreams. Where I find the time to travel is beyond me. Sometimes, the scale skews so hard one way that I throw my plans completely out of the window. Welp, that’s not gonna happen this summer. Maybe next year. But life likes to throw us curve balls and the next I know, I’m embarking on a journey towards my master’s degree. How could I ever balance work and travel?

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4 Ways to Deal with Covid Homesickness

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Being away from home is always uneasy, but when it’s not your choice to stay away, it can be downright difficult. After close to two months of a self-quarantine state, it can feel like there is an ocean dividing you and your home. Here are 4 ways to deal with the homesickness that comes with the shutdown.

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May Planning: a Florida Summer Wedding

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Pop open the champagne! My uncle’s getting married! While these are daunting and uncertain times, celebrating happy life moments is what matters most. His wedding is inked for August, so it’s time to plan, even if plans have to get pushed. Here’s how I’m planning away for an uncertain wedding date.

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Poconos During a Pandemic

Safe travels during a pandemic: a series. I’ve made the decision to continue close-to-home short trips via car, following all protocols. The stir crazy feeling begins to eat away at you the longer you sit inside, the longer you reminisce on the times you were out and about. However, the only way to scratch that itch is to follow all guidelines and safely travel. Here’s our journey to and from the gorgeous Poconos in the midst of an international pandemic.

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4 Reasons You Should Plan Your Trip in Quarantine

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Being locked up inside during a mandatory quarantine doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stop planning for the future…even if that future looks unpredictable. In the past month, you may have run down your list of things to do when you’re bored, so now you’re looking for something to take up the remaining time. One of the oddly satisfying activities you can do is plan future trips…even if they’re way out of your budget. Let’s go to Thailand! Who says you have to actually go on those trips? Here are 4 reasons you should plan your trip in quarantine!

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